The main kinds of activities:


The main directions of development

  • Development of products and devices in accordance with the customer’s requirements.
  • Antenna systems based on APAR (PAR).
  • Receiver, transmitter and transceiver microwave devices.
  • High performance computing modules.
  • Algorithms of device control and digital signal processing.
  • Specialized software.
  • Devices and systems for industrial and counter-terrorism security.

The area of application

  • Radar landing systems for systems RBS, DMF, RSBN and etc.
  • Mobile radio landing beacon system.
  • Radiotechnical devices.
  • Digital radio communication systems.
  • Portable express detectors of explosive, drugs, toxic substances, toxic industrial waste.
  • Explosion-proof stationary multichannel and portable analyzers of toxic and explosive gases.
  • Interference-optical fire flame detectors.
  • Portable leak detectors.
  • Alarm control box.


Contemporary production equipment and our professional skills provide the full manufacturing cycle – from specification to implementation of devices, components, microwave devices, devices and systems of industrial, environmental, fire and counter terrorism security.

We guarantee quality of the carrying-out manufacturing work:

  • Organization of serial manufacturing of devices and parts of devices according to the given construction documentation and also developing of the construction documentation in coordination with the Customer.
  • Organization and carrying out of works for the complex adjustment and testing of radio electronic hardware.
  • Quick actualization of changes in the design and composition of products, manufacturing techniques in accordance with the customer.

Variety of our measuring and testing equipment (mostly Rohde & Schwarz) allows us check a general condition of devices, make high-quality adjustments and set up parameters of the devices in accordance with specifications.

Professionalism of our engineers is making us ready to carry out of tuning amplitude-versus-frequency characteristics of microstrip filters and signal digital processing modules of multi-channel receivers for onboard and ground communication systems and radiolocation, fine-tuning of video and microwave signal formers, adjusting of power transmission factor and VSWR of radio systems.

Acceptance testing of manufactured products for different mechanical vibrations regimes and achievable working temperatures is available.